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Shenanigans & Skullduggery - Vol. 7 (TSVS-7) Excerpt:

RAdm Amdon said, "That's the  correct number captain.  You will have approximately fifty Marines on board, but I have to tell you if they were to use their normal communication equipment they probably wouldn't be able to contact either you or the navcoms, so they will be carrying a special communication device with them on this mission."

"That's fine with us, it really doesn't make a difference to us what equipment they carry on a mission," JT replied. 

"Well it might, because this new COM equipment is brand new and we've not had a chance to field test it," the admiral replied.

Both JT and Ed instantly had a pained expression on their faces and when they heard the phrase 'brand new and not field tested' they knew exactly what that phrase meant; problems and more than likely a lot of them.

It was Ed who asked, "Admiral, why are you sending these men on an extremely dangerous mission deep within enemy space, in fact on the enemy's home world with untested COM equipment?  I can't believe you're doing this."

Amdon watched as the captain, his XO and even a few others on his staff shook their heads and each made a face that he knew meant they were disappointed with the idea of using untested equipment.

Before he could say anything though JT spoke up, "Admiral, I have to admit I completely agree with Ed.  I would like to know if that COM equipment is safe for those men to use for such a sticky mission?  Do you have a problem if I let Cmdr Organta and his COM people give this new COM equipment a once over?"

"Captain, I'm in agreement with you about the COM equipment, but our backs were against the bulkhead for this mission.  If it will make you feel better, then go ahead and have Cmdr Organta and his people check out the equipment.  If they find a problem with it and can rectify it I'm all for it," Amdon said.

"Thank you sir.  Ears is the best in the fleet at his job and I'll feel better if he says it should work," JT replied.

"Not a problem captain!  Now let's move on to the next issue, orbiting the planet and inserting the Recon Marines..."

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Capt. JT Buckton, his crew and the mighty warship Pegasus are involved in yet another fast-paced, action-filled, spine tingling mission.  This novel is set not just in an enemy empire's space, but in the atmosphere above and in multiple places on the surface of Draakus, the home world of the Draaken Empire.

This storyline involves Pegasus, her captain and crew's attempt to secretly confirm a great deal of already gathered intel by Fleet Command's intelligence Bureau.  This very sensitive intel, gathered by secret Alliance operatives, indicates the Draaken military is attempting to build a new class of warships that are either equal to or even more powerful than the alliance's DSC class warships.

The Intelligence Bureau's Chief of Operations, RAdm "Pug" Amdon, holds a special briefing with Capt. Buckton and his staff on board Pegasus to inform them that many casualties are not just anticipated, but expected in this operation.  Of course that information really rouses Capt Buckton's ire and he gets face-to-face with the rear admiral because he doesn't want to 'waste' lives of his crewmembers over what he considers is probably just one more batch of bogus or grossly inaccurate intelligence data.

Meanwhile, while RAdm Amdon is holding his briefing with Capt Buckton and his staff on board Pegasus, back at headquarters FltAdm Jensen has to deal with the Polnons who appear to be up to their old shenanigans again.