Commemorate & Amalgamate - Vol. 15 - ​(TSVS-15) - Excerpt

ORDER (TSVS-15) as either::

Things for the Alliance of Planets are decidedly different.  Fleet COM personnel become concerned when virtually indecipherable COM signals are picked up coming from an area near the Tolandoan and Jestoind Empires and on Alliance Distress Channels.  Strange as that is, it also appears the same signals are also coming from the Forbidden Zone (FZ), which is near both of the other empires.  Later that morning the Fleet COM center computers finally decipher enough of the strange signals to speculate that all 3 of the empires or zones could very well be under a well-coordinated simultaneous attack.

King Harald IX, the Tolandoan Monarch, set a new precedent when he placed a COM call to Pres Panzer of the Alliance and informed him of the plight they faced and requested immediate military assistance with their fight.  Pres Panzer granted the request with the hope it would lead to future treaties and/or even unification, similar to what occurred with the Persetons months earlier.  While planning the military response to assist the Tolandoans, JT discovers who's behind these attacks and becomes infuriated.  He informs FLTADM Smoltevski's Command Staff who is attacking the Tolandoan and Jestoid Empires and then issues his ultimatum!

JT told FLTADM Smoltevski and the Command Staff he doesn't just want to go and attack the invader home world, he is DEMANDING to take the fleet in order to decimate their home world to put an end to their threats forever or he will immediately resign his commission and retire!


Commemorate & Amalgamate - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 15

​​Zuma said, "Relax everyone, in case you're wondering Pres Panzer and JT have gone outside to talk.  I guess the President doesn't want anyone to hear what he's telling JT?"

Outside the two men stat on a bench to talk.  They couldn't be heard by what few individuals passed by.  Watching thru the dark tinted windows of his office Zuma and staff paid close attention to JT's body language and facial expressions, all indicated he was quite perturbed and Pres Panzer was just the opposite, quite calm and displaying little or no passion whatsoever.  From where these leaders were there wasn't any way to tell who was "winning" the argument, debate or whatever it was?

After 10 minutes in the garden are behind Building 1, Pres Panzer said, "JT, listen to me very closely because what i'm about to tell you can't go any further.  No one, not even Zuma knows what I'm about to tell you.  Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Staring at Pres Panzer for several seconds JT finally said, "I understand sir."

"Okay, then I can't allow you to carry out your plan because of a plan the Anurans and I have been working on for 18 months.  Ever since the Polnons invaded the Anuran Empire, they've wanted to get back at them  much as you wish to do right now.  I don't dismiss your idea only because from what you told me earlier and what the Anurans told me these many months the Polnons need to be whipped and badly.  Let us get our plan rolling.

​JT stood and so did Panzer and JT said, "Sir even more than I like my job I respect you and your position and FLTADM Smoltevski and his position.  I will carry out my orders however they are issued, but I still have one demand to make concerning this."

What is it JT?" Panzer asked.  I will still do what I said if there is any trickery by the Polnons, the Tolandoans, or the Jestoids in all this.  If any of my battle commanders or I detect and confirm any trickery by any of those empires I will carry our my threat to the nth degree and I won't give one hoot what you do to me because I'll have the satisfaction of knowing those beings won't bother anyone else for a long, long time."